Profile image of Kate Uebersax

Kate Uebersax

Discipleship and Family Pastor


Kate is our Discipleship and Family Pastor. She enjoys maps and exploring wherever she lives. She likes to play the guitar and sing with toddlers and the elderly. She likes organizing things so that others can be successful and so people can serve in areas that fit with their skills and abilities.

Profile image of Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson

Director of Creative Arts


Mike is our Director of Creative Arts. He is passionate about people deepening their worship of God. From an early age, music has been Mike's passion. He loves leading a community of creative people to help present the Gospel in unique ways. Mike is married to Beth and they have 3 children.

Profile image of Nate Rusticus

Nate Rusticus

Student Ministries Pastor


Nate is our Student Ministries Pastor. He loves to see students start a relationship with Jesus for the first time and to help lead them in growing in that relationship. Nate and his wife Rachel enjoy playing board games together and with others. They have a two daughters.

Profile image of Dathen Foust

Dathen Foust

Visitation Pastor


Dathen is our Visitation Pastor. He was born and raised in Berne. Ministry has taken him to Michigan and Nebraska. Dathen and his wife Dawn have two spirited boys. He enjoys watching football and spending time with people.

Profile image of Brenda Heckard

Brenda Heckard

Executive Secretary


Brenda is our Executive Secretary. She is married to David and they have four boys. Sam is the oldest with Daniel, Benjamin, and Jeremiah, triplets, being just one year younger. She enjoys crafts, reading and traveling.

Profile image of Nicole Dynes

Nicole Dynes

Communications Secretary


Nicole is our Communications Secretary. She has lived in Berne since she was born and loves serving in her hometown. She enjoys playing guitar, writing songs and stories, and watching movies, all made better when other people are involved.

Profile image of Penny Haines

Penny Haines

Financial Secretary


Penny is our Financial Secretary and she loves her job. "You will never be poor as long as you have a penny in the house," is what she has been told. Penny and Steve have been blessed with a daughter, son, and 3 wonderful grandchildren! She is always encouraging people and making sure that everyone is having fun.