Ministry Areas

Junior Quizzing
Kids 2nd-6th grade work on Bible memorization and then compete with several other local churches in quiz matches with seats with buzzers. Can they jump first to set the buzzer off? Will they remember the answer to the questions they have studied? Quizzing is a great way to learn portions of Scripture with each of the 4 years focusing on a different passage: Book of James, Sermon on the Mount from Matthew, Book of Philippians, and Bible Facts. The season runs from late fall through early spring and the kids and coaches meet to practice on Sunday evenings. They also have fun parties that include sleepovers at the church, laser tagging, roller skating and other fun events. Junior Quizzing is a great way to build friendships, have fun and learn Scripture all at the same time. Kids can continue with youth quizzing as they get older as well.

Camp BLAST is the Missionary Church’s summer camping program for students completing 3-5th grades. It typically happens during late July and campers from churches in the Central Region participate at Camp Michindoh in Hillsdale, Michigan. Camp BLAST is a fun filled week with traditional camp activities like chapel, hiking, swimming, kickball and campfires. Registration takes place in mid-May through First Missionary Church.

Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School is a fun filled week during early summer where children come each day for a week to hear Bible lessons, play games, make crafts and simply have fun learning the stories of the Bible. This past year we “traveled” to the Holy Land and heard from Moses each day as we wore Bible costumes, ate fresh bread and fruit, played Bible times games and made projects in the Marketplace each day. This was a great week of learning filled with building friendships, both between children and between adults who helped.

Youth Assistants
As students transition into middle and high school, we enjoy having them back in Discovery Park as classroom assistants. Our middle and high school students serve as role models for the younger children and provide much appreciated help for the teachers. When asked, many of our younger children have a specific high school student in mind that has helped in their class or whom they admire. Youth assistants go through a screening and training process and work under the supervision of the classroom teacher.

Volunteer Screening
In order to provide a safe space for our children to learn, grow, worship and play, we require each of our volunteers to complete a volunteer screening process that includes several reference checks, a background check and training in reporting policies at First Missionary Church. Screenings take place every other month as well on an individually scheduled basis as needed.

Moms Uplifting Moms - MUMS
Moms Uplifting Moms is a community group of moms who meet twice a month during the school year in order to learn, grow and fellowship while their young children are cared for by caring volunteers. MUMs has speakers on various topics including parenting, finances, and spiritual, physical and emotional growth. Registration for Mums takes place in mid-summer and childcare spaces are limited in order to provide quality care for the young children.